Sunday, September 11, 2011

Glitter Sneakers

I am completely in LOVE with these Miu Miu glitter sneakers!
Since these beauties cost a whopping $450.00 at Nordstroms I am going to make my own pair! I saw a tutorial here, from blogger "Honestly, WTF" that made them look super easy to make. Instead of buying a pair of new Vans, I decided to use a pair of my grey Converse that I bought for $15.00 about 4 years ago.

I already started them today and so far so good. I'm using Mod Podge Gloss & glitter from Martha Stewart. I'm using the following colors: crystal fine, hematite, onyx & sterling. When I'm all done I'll post a picture.


  1. Hi!! I'm just wondering if you did get these finished! I would love to see them!

  2. Gosh, maybe my old Keds can be revived!

    Sparkles and Swarjovski crystals ... ;-)

    I can never remember how to spell that name/brand.