Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My room mate and I have been thrift store shopping lately to try and find what we call "gems". We look for anything that has potential to be beautiful after a little TLC. I ended up buying a Mossimo 100% cashmere cardigan that looks like it has never been worn for only $2!! When I got home and googled, I found that I could sell this cardigan for an easy $30-$50. I don't own anything cashmere, so I think I will keep this gem for myself. It's a heather blue color

I also picked up another sweater for $2, which I am going to re-purpose into mittens and boot cuffs. I also bought a vintage frame, which had an artist print inside of it that I did not care for. I opened it up tonight and found that the artist was named Hubert Robert and the print was printed in the 70s. I'm thinking it is worth at least $40, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I am going to reuse the vintage frame by spray painting it a fabulous color.